on the cutting edge of technology

carefully designed to suit your very own operational requirements
SIME Innovation provides engineering, design, manufacturing and installation services for fixed and mobile industrial production equipment used in the mining, minerals and metals sectors as well as the paper industry. We design and manufacture every piece of industrial equipment and customized it to meet your needs.

Design and manufacture of fixed equipment

Fixed equipment tailored to the needs of your company to maximize your productivity.

Design and manufacture of remote-controlled mobile equipment

We specialize in remote-controlled AGVs. We have solution to make your mobile equipment more efficient.

Design and manufacture of lifting and handling equipment

Thanks to 5G technology, our teams to design construction equipment that interacts remotely to promote automation and optimize production.

Certification of lifting and production equipment

We will analyze your equipment in its day-to-day operations and make sure it up to code, safe, and secure.

Finite element analysis

Computerized method used to calculate how an object reacts within a particular environment in order to do recommendations.
When you choose SIME Innovation, you’re guaranteed expert service from start to finish.
From the get-go, we perform a thorough analysis to understand exactly what you’re looking for. We tour the facilities to get a better sense of the issue at hand and how you’re looking to expand to improve your production capacity. At this initial stage, we make a preliminary engineering drawing because each project is unique and requires a thorough assessment. Once the drawings are approved, we manufacture and install the equipment, handle commissioning, and guarantee after-sales support that measures up to the quality of our products.